CES and REVOK Are ’90s Video Game Graffiti Heroes

April 2, 2013 | Marina Galperina

ANIMAL has been hot for Lepos: The Primary Invasion clips since the start, so we talked to the man behind these vintage video game x graffiti mash-ups after he dropped this 6th reel featuring CES and REVOK in the LES.

Lepos‘ ten-year writing run ended in 2003, but he still has love for graffiti. So, what does CES think about being a video game hero, battling robots and the invasion of a new primary color before it destroys civilization itself? “He likes it, from what I can tell,” Leops says. “He said, just make me look good. I got all my graffiti heroes here.” His last clip featured GIANT in San Francisco. REVOK posted it and hit him up. Magic.

Lepos likes the aesthetic of ’90s arcade games. Everyone does. Will he make a goddamn game already?

“I’m just following where it takes me. I have no plans to make it real. It’s a huge undertaking. I’m just doing it for doing it, really.” With his freelance animator job and life “interruptions,” it takes Lepos a month to produce the clip by himself. He’s thinking of working on a full trailer for the fictitious game however. Tease. What if some indie game designers approached him to make The Primary Invasion a reality?

“Fuck yeah. As long as I can pay the rent, I’m doing it.”

Any takers?