Terrible Celebrity Made
a Shitty Tattoo

April 5, 2013 | Marina Galperina

A certain teenage male celebrity has made tabloid farts for this “new photo” of a horrible stick-n-poke that he did on someone named Bang Bang (or somewhere named Bang Bang) and it looks like this. Hahahaha. Wait. Hold on. This is brilliant. SWAGGY. Holy shit. It’s like a Russian toddler prison camp tattoo.

(F.A.T. artist Greg Leuch’s Bieber Shaver plug-in for Chrome and Firefox is still available for all your  ████ ██████ self-censorship needs.)

Also, Aram Bartholl installed a new Dead Drop into the side of Eyebeam Art+Technology Center for their F.A.T. GOLD 5-year-retrospective. Put your digital art in it.