Pratt Students Who Lost Work in the Fire Get “Flameproof” Show at the Gagosian

April 11, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

Good news for the 44 Pratt students who lost work in a fire this past February. The Gagosian Gallery is giving them an exhibition!

It is likely a transparent PR move by the Gagosian, but at the same time, a gesture that is hard to ignore, as is the uncomfortably borderline ironic name: “Flameproof.”

The exhibit will offer some relief to those students who lost some or all of their thesis work in the blaze. Pratt’s very own President Schutte issued this statement:

“Pratt has a long-standing tradition of rigorous training and dedication to one’s work, even when facing challenging circumstances. The exhibition is a testament to our students’ artistic vision, and we are grateful to Larry Gagosian for helping to make the show possible in such a prime location.”

The exhibition title which was chosen by the students is meant to “be an expression of their determination that—even in the aftermath of a disaster—their creativity will thrive.”