How Many Americans Would Bang a Sexbot?

April 11, 2013 | Julia Dawidowicz

Robots these days. They fight our wars for us. They assist with surgeries. They go on interstellar journeys. They make graffiti. It’s only “natural” that…

Believe it or not, sexbots are already a thing: It’s been documented. It’s happening.

In a recent survey, Huffington Post and YOUGOV asked readers how they felt about the idea of robotic sexual partners. 18% of respondents believed that sexbots would be (widely?) available by the year 2030. When asked if a tryst with a sexbot would constitute cheating, 42% said it would, 31% said it wouldn’t, and the rest were unsure.

9% admitted that they’d do the dirty with a sexbot if they could, but it’s very possible that some respondents were less-than-truthful for fear of your cruel, shame-inducing human judgement. Ugh, meat bags, who needs ’em?