RiFF RAFF Is a Soap Star Now, His Character Is Named Jamie Franko

April 11, 2013 | Andy Cush

The saga continues. RiFF RAFF will guest star in an upcoming episode of the soap opera One Life to Live, playing a “shady art dealer” named Jamie Franko. If the bizarre meta-significance of this news isn’t immediately clear to you, allow me to elaborate.

In a little film you may have heard of called Spring BreakersJames Franco (Get it? Jamie Franko. You get it.) played a character named Alien that may or may not have been based on RiFF RAFF (Korine says the rapper’s influence was “definitely in there”). RiFF RAFF originally approved of Franco’s performance, then sorta recanted and jokingly challenged the actor to a fight. And from 2009 to 2012, James Franco occasionally guest starred on the soap opera General Hospital as a murderous conceptual artist named, yes, Franco.

You’d be forgiven for wondering whether RiFF RAFF is bullshitting about his upcoming appearance on One Life to Live. For any doubters, I present you with this communique from the official OLTL Twitter account.

(Photo: One Life to Live)