You’re the Jong That I Want, Taiwanese Animation Redux

April 11, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Apparently, ANIMAL “inspired” a part in the new Taiwanese animation video, the time that we enlisted North Korea expert Michael Malice to explain the photos of Kim Jong-un in Grease, the musical.

The CGI reenactments of bunnies jumping into the anal cavities of a dictator in bondage and stuff? That wasn’t us.

Dear Animal New York,

We came across Marina’s article while doing some research for our latest video on Kim Jong-un. Your piece inspired our “Your the Jong that I Want” scene.  Although we took some liberties with the facts in our usual classic Taiwanese animation style.

So while the whole world has been anxiously anticipating any suspicious signs of activity from North Korea, we want to take the focus off the missiles and direct our attention on this erratic North Korea leader that’s giving the world so much grief, and give our fans some laughs.

Best YouTube comment: “Still more reliable than Fox News.”