Manage Your Data After You Die

April 12, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

Are you going to die? No worries. Not only is there a new Google service that manages your data when you’re dead, it cleverly seems to sidestep any actual mention of death. Rather, it says, “What happens to your account when you stop using it? Google puts you in control.”

Your account will go into a “time-out” period if it hasn’t been accessed within a certain amount of time. These options range from three months up to a year. While it is already possible to continue tweeting after your dead, you may want to go ahead and shut down your email after the inevitable happens. Now you may be asking the same question I am: When will this option be implemented into Facebook?

Google lets you set up to ten trusted contacts who will inherit your data after your “inactive period.” Great. So whomever I leave my data to will have to wait a few months before they have to deal with all my unread emails. So many unread emails…