New Church Ad Calls Jesus
“The Original Hipster”

April 19, 2013 | Marina Galperina

The Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn launched a campaign this month, proclaiming Jesus Christ to be “The Original Hipster.” The ads appear at bus stations and on phone kiosks in Brooklyn and Queens. There is no explanation to this mysterious statement. But there are “hipster” red Converse shoes peaking out of the Savior’s robe, his feat arranged in a nonchalant “hipster” manner as if he’s resting after turning water into PBR. Is that what you’re going for, guys?

Anyway, you late. Meet WeHo Jesus. He hangs out in West Hollywood. He even has a Facebook fan page, with the quote “Just another gay man in a dress.”

(Top photo: Bucky Turco/ANIMALNewYork, Jesus Photo: Johnny Tergo)