Happy Mondays Barbados Estate Heroin Getaway House for Sale

April 19, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Need to get away for a long, long time? Got $29 million to spare?

The now-notorious Barbados Estate where the Factory Records’ Happy Mondays “recorded” their last album “The Life and Surprisingly Strange Adventures of Ryderson Crusoe” is for sale. Owned by Eddy Grant, the 30-acre estate was an attempt by Tony Wilson to send Shaun Ryder as far away from heroin as possible. Didn’t really pan out that way. Instead of recording lyrics that Wilson compared to Yeats, the band turned into an all-instrumental album. And then, allegedly, they “took furniture out of the house and traded it for crack” and built crack dens from deck chairs inside the pool.

But they have internet and air conditioning. Alright. Let’s go. Step on.