City Will Defend OWS Face-Puncher Cop In Civil Case

April 22, 2013 | Andy Cush

Over the weekend, we learned that the Manhattan district attorney will not prosecute NYPD Deputy Inspectors Anthony Bologna and Johnny Cardona, who were caught on video respectively pepper spraying and punching peaceful Occupy Wall Street protesters in Fall 2011. Fortunately, there’s still the prospect of holding the two cops accountable, in the form of a lawsuit from the victims against each.

The city has already abandoned Tony Balogna after he plead guilty to being a little too enthusiastic with the pepper spray in an internal NYPD hearing. But punchy Cardona will face civil court with the legal support of the New York City Law Department. In fact, according to Captains Endowment Association president Roy Richter, Cardona was “the true victim” in the fight.

In case you missed Cardona’s big punch the first time around, the video is posted above.