The Results Are In:
Clubbers Really Like Drugs

April 22, 2013 | Julia Dawidowicz

This year, Mixmag partnered up with the Guardian and Gay Times to conduct their annual “Global Drug Survey” — the world’s largest independent survey on which drugs are most popular and why. The results: a series of pill-eye-popping infographics revealing the drug habits of over 22,000 club-goers of all ages and backgrounds from the UK and the US.

It’s no shock that alcohol and weed came in the lead on both sides of the pond, but LSD and mushrooms seem to be much more popular in the U.S., while the Brits are apparently more keen on drugs like Ketamine and Mephedrone. Fun fact: more British clubbers regularly use MDMA than tobacco or energy drinks. Now that’s impressive.

The survey’s most thought-provoking sections are probably those that break down respondents’ reactions to different drugs. For example, alcohol was rated as having the widest range of negative effects, despite being one of the only legal substances featured. One in five clubbers remembers having taken a “mystery powder” in the last year, and MDMA is apparently widely accessible on the internet.

Explore the rest of the survey’s many psycho-sexual-socio-economical epiphanies in this graphic.