Constant Update: A New Alerts Symphony

April 22, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

Continuing our highlight coverage of Rhizome’s Seven on Seven conference, here’s another cool project born from a one-day intense session of design and planning between and an artist and a technologist.

In a collaboration between technologist and digital music entrepreneur Dalton Caldwell and New York-based artist, musician, and composer Fatima Al Qadiri, here’s your alternative to THE SAME DAMN ALERT FOR EVERYTHING.

Constant Update is a work dedicated to the exploration of data-related anxiety. The rate of updates and notifications required of society, from media outlets to social networks, is stressful to say the least. Using alert sounds and trigger words against an original piece of repetitive music, Dalton Caldwell and Fatima Al Qadiri seek to meditate on the environment of constant updates.

Is it less annoying yet?