Staten Island Sandy Relief Camp Ordered Shuttered In Favor of Beach Access

April 23, 2013 | Andy Cush

The city is ordering a longstanding hurricane relief center on Staten Island to close its doors and move elsewhere, in anticipation of the beginning of summer and beach season. The Cedar Grove Community Hub, a complex of five tents, sits at the entrance to New Dorp  Beach, which the Parks Department says needs work before it can open on memorial day.

Donna Graziano, one of the community center’s organizers, says she hasn’t found another site big enough to house the tents. “There are a lot of residents that don’t care about the park,” she told DNAinfo. “They don’t have their homes.” Graziano cited families in the area who are still without kitchens and rely on the hub for food.

I’ve not been to the Cedar Grove hub, but there must be a compromise somewhere. Can’t parks workers and beach goers simply walk around the relief center on their way to the shore?

(Photo: Sandra Foyt/Flickr)