Graffiti Artists Drip
All Over the Yankees

April 29, 2013 | Bucky Turco

Remember that New York Yankees perfume that we reviewed and I likened to the smell of my Uncle Louie? It’s back. While the formula hasn’t changed, the bottle has with the help of artists MINT and SERF—hey it worked for Calvin Klein about ten years ago. They were commissioned to give the bottle a little flair and emblazoned it with their drippy MIRF moniker. “When it comes to the symbol of New York City, it does not get bigger than the NY Yankees,” said the graffiti duo. “They understood our value and gave us complete freedom of re-imagining the NY Yankees logo. Those kind of opportunities happen too far and in between.” Even better than the actual product though are the Colossal Media-painted billboards promoting the fragrance. At least no one has to smell those.

(Top Photo: Colossal Media/Flickr Product photos: MINT & SERF)