The G Train Is the Reason
You’re Not Getting Laid

April 29, 2013 | Julia Dawidowicz

Woe to the G train commuters. Not only do they constantly suffer through soul-sucking delays and nearly keel over from sprinting to catch the short train mid-platform — they’re now considered the lepers of the dating world.

DNAInfo published a hard-hitting feature on G train-sabotaged romances. From the heart-wrenching tales of several unlucky-in-love Brooklyn residents, the consensus is clear: Even that special connection which every heart yearns for most just isn’t worth the torments of the doomed subway line.

“If you’re dressed in high heels you have to run what feels like 7 miles to catch the train,” one scarred ex-date of a G train resident lamented. “When you get there [to the Myrtle-Willoughby station] it looks Law and Order-ish.”

Another afflicted Brooklynite claimed that the G train commute makes it impossible to have “casual get-togethers” with her boyfriend. Hearts everywhere are growing cold, brittle shells as the dating community is forced to ostracize G train denizens forever.

Seriously, the G train is terrible for getting kids to school, getting to work on time, making it to doctors appointments, etc. But tell me more about your poor love life!