Father of NY Post “Bag Man”
Wants a Lawyer

May 1, 2013 | Andy Cush

In case you missed it, in the immediate aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, the New York Post published a front page photo of two innocent young men, insinuating that they were chief suspects in the federal investigation. Perhaps not shockingly, the two men were Arab. After the paper issued a half-assed update (not a retraction), editor Col Allan issued an unapologetic statement, saying the paper stood by its story.

Now, El Houssein Barhoum, father of one of the two men, is looking into his legal options. “A lot of people, they tell me that’s your right to sue them,” he said. “I will give [my lawyer] my case and he will study it.”

“If they won’t apologize, it’s not between me and the New York Post,” he added. “They should apologize on the newspaper. They should write something on the newspaper, not between us. If they make a bad image of your son, they should make a good image just to correct.”

Allan might take a few cues from this when he’s drafting up that apology: