This Google Earth “Hood” Capture Music Video
Is Next Level

May 1, 2013 | Marina Galperina

We’ve seen decisive moments captured in Google Street View by photographers Michael Wolf. We’ve seen the cinematic edge of rough neighborhoods in Doug Rickard work. We loved how Clement Valla explored the glitching of the real world through this interface. Steve Strip’s video for “Hood” is all of those things, plus live capture of swooping in bird-eye view and though Brooklyn, New Orleans, Downtown LA, Mexico and beyond, interaction with the “characters” in several sequential captures and very video-esque the sensation of rollin’ down the street, if you will. As one YouTube commenter points out: “Safest way to pass through the hood.”

Some choice moments: a Daniel Johnston mural, a scorching field fire and “SNITCHES END UP IN DITCHES” graffiti. See our planet crumble — through glitches and socio-economic disparity.