Heartwarming Russian Dash-Cam Reel Will Make You Cry

May 3, 2013 | Marina Galperina

In case you’re wondering, Russian dash-cams don’t just capture terrible crashes, fist fights, meteorites, tanks and crooked cops. Here is a beautiful, beautiful reel of the good people doing the good things Jalopnik found. Watch drivers hop out of their cars to walk old ladies across the intersection, catch stray animals, brush off snow from their fellow drivers’ break-lights and LIFT A STUCK CAR OUT OF THE SNOW WHAT THE FUCK. “There are good people in the world,” it’s called. I’m fucking bawling.

Also, why do Russians have dashcams blah blah blah it’s all here and that snuffy supercut, sorry. But there’s this side too. Aside from the run-off sensationalism, the original purpose of the Ru CHP LiveJournal community where these dash-cam videos are usually posted is to promote driver safety. And promote the not-being-an-asshole.

We found the original channel where this video was posted and the dude has more. This one is really graphic and terrifying, a mash-up of dash-cam and cellphone footage of Russian civilians getting together in large groups to help pull accident victims out of a giant, flaming multi-car pile-up. “Help someone and one day someone will help you.”