This Is What Happens When You Let Kanye Finish

May 7, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Ah, the Met Ball. It’s like, um, various celebrities getting garlanded and vaguely commenting on whatever the Metropolitan Museum of Art happens to be high-profile-hyping at the time. This year they resurrected punk just so they could kill it again. Ok, I’m not really old enough to say that with any validity. I am, however, old enough to say that Miley Cyrus and Rooney Mara look hot and different now or something. Wait, what? Yeah, so here’s the only real highlight of the Big Art Party They Didn’t Invite Us To, as far as I’m concerned. Kanye West performed, wore a bedazzled mask and skirt (“art”) and then “I AM A GOD AAAAAH!!!”

(Vine: Atrak)