Shark Fin Soup One Step Closer to Being Outlawed

May 7, 2013 | Andy Cush

Earlier this spring, we told you New York state legislators were moving to ban the sale of shark fins, a process that often targets abandoned species, subjecting them to what the Humane Society calls “extreme cruelty.” Today, we can happily say that the state Assembly has unanimously voted to pass the ban, and that the Senate voted similarly two weeks ago. Now, the shark fin ban only needs a signature from Governor Cuomo to be ratified into law.

“I am proud that New York is joining seven other states to ban the sale of shark fins and stand united against the cruel and inhumane practice of shark finning,” Council member Margaret Chin of the vote. “I hope that New York will serve as an example not only nationally, but internationally, and that one day soon we will be celebrating the end of this industry all together.”

In March, Chin made a similar statement, refuting the argument that the fins should remain legal as they are a part of Chinese tradition. “I have no sympathy for that argument. Who can afford shark fin soup?” she said of the ridiculously expensive delicacy. “Not normal working people. So what traditions are we talking about?”

(Photo: Chris 73/Wikimedia Commons)