Pizza Compass Will Direct You to the Nearest Slice

May 7, 2013 | Andy Cush

Yelp is great and all, but it’s seriously lacking in the get-me-to-the-nearest-pizza-as-soon-as-possible department. I mean, think about it: First, you have to open search, then type “pizza,” then figure out which result is the closest, then select it and ask Yelp to give you directions.

Thankfully, Pizza Compass, released this week, simplifies that process significantly. A magical pizza points you in the direction of your closest pizzeria; just follow its lead until you find yourself molars-deep in the slice of your choice. That’s it. If the nearest available joint isn’t to your liking, the app provides you with a whole slew of others, then directs you there instead.

“Honestly the app came about one random drunken night when my friend and I couldn’t find a place to get a slice of pizza,” Pizza Compass designer Dan Blackman told ANIMAL via email. “The idea just kind of blossomed out of that. Then one morning I woke up and just designed it.”

And where do the ‘za gurus at Pizza Compass prefer to get a slice? “Right now we are eating a lot of Juliana’s because its right down the road,” says Blackman.

Get Pizza Compass for 99 cents in the App Store.