17-Year-Old Developer Stops Twitter From Spoiling Television

May 8, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

Sick of people on Twitter constantly spoiling your favorite tv shows before you even get the chance to watch them? Today is your lucky day, because Jennie Lamere  — the only female to participate in the Boston Hackathon — has created Twivo.

This simple Twitter add-on filters your newsfeed, eliminating any spoilers of last night’s episode of Whatever That Show Is That You Like. The idea for this Google Chrome extension was conceived the day before the competition and took Lamere only 10 hours to create.

Simply type in the  title of the show you would like to ignore and Twivo will remove all mentions of it from your newsfeed for a set period of time. The 17-year-old Lamere beat out professional developers winning her not only the “best use of sync-to-broadcast” award as well as “best in show,” earning her an Apple TV as well as a few iPad Minis. She killed it.

Maybe her developer dad Paul Lamere of music playlist generator Boil the Frog can get some tips. (Images: Mother Jones)