video_dumbo: Eyebeam’s Moving Image Art Festival Is Coming!

May 8, 2013 | Julia Dawidowicz

Next week, Eyebeam Art+Technology Center — shout out Eyebeam! — will present video_dumbo’s eight annual moving image art festival. The ongoing exhibition will feature work from 106 international contemporary artists, including fourteen video screenings and eight works that make up the concurrent installation — Re-Return to Sender. 

The collection explores the history and metamorphosis of moving image as an artform, from its self-reflective origins in the 1970’s to the societal implications of its dominion today. Expect lots of meta: Highlighted works include a mid-sized video projector projecting onto itself to create a single image (RE: by Bram Snijders and Carolien Teunisse) and a huge electronic image screen made from hundreds of discarded remote controls (Chris Shen’s Infra).  

More insight from the Press Release:

…Moving image technology has multiplied, oversaturated and accelerated to such an extent that we are forced to take a step back to consider its omnipresence.  Now, radically stripped of its hallucinatory aura and spectacle, we come full circle to ask fundamental questions regarding the state of contemporary moving image media, including its reflection and narcissism, in an age of increasingly intelligent machines. Re-Return to Sender is an exhibition comprised of apparatus that recognize, investigate and celebrate themselves. Their relationship and interactions with humans– both passive and active– becomes less significant as all signal emissions, events, and occurrences are projected back onto its originator– a historical Re-Returning to Sender.

video_dumbo, various artists, May 16- May 25, Eyebeam, Chelsea