This Time-Lapsed Microscopic Crystallization Music Video Is Gorgeous

May 13, 2013 | Julia Dawidowicz

When asked to produce some visual accompaniment for Jon Hopkins‘ new album Immunity,  biochemist-turned-photographer Linden Gledhill teamed up with art director Craig Ward to create an epic masterpiece of microscopic proportions.

The vibrant, abstract visuals created by time-lapsing the biochemical processes of food coloring crystallization — with the help of some video editing — turns out to be a serendipitous match for Hopkins’ ambient, flowing audio. The overall sensory experience is strangely soothing and almost womb-like. In fact, let’s cut to the chase so we can go watch it again.

Immunity is scheduled for release on June 3rd, followed by a record release show on the 4th at Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn.