All the Internets
as Toys From the ’80s

May 15, 2013 | Marina Galperina

This music video for Planet Online by Dent De Cuir is A+. See the internet’s most popular internet things from the internet — Facebook, Buzzfeed, 4 Chan, YouTube, Twitter, etc. — as remixed ’80s toys. I WANT THE PIRATE BAY SHIP, GIMME, MO-O-O-O-OM!!!

It gets kind of dark at the end as these adorable kids start peeping around Barbie’s YouPorn playhouse and find the toy fridge of, uh… toy sex toys. And isn’t it cute how they’re still young enough to cringe at the Rotten.com butcher play set? Aw. Wait a year.

They forgot the ANIMALNewYork Easy-Bake Oven, parampumpum.