Scott Walker Sings That Will.i.am and Britney Spears
“Scream & Shout” Song

May 16, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Are you ready, bitch? It’s not Britney.

It’s Scott Walker, world’s most experimental baritone, an amazing artist, and if you don’t know, I can’t explain it to you. I’m not cool enough.

BUT WHAT IS THIS? Is he singing will.i.am’s terrible, terrible pop song “Scream & Shout” featuring the inexplicably British accent-ing Britney Spears? OH MY GOD.

Obviously, that’s not really Scott Walker but British comedian Adam Buxton. And it’s not the freshest thing on the internet today. Whatever. This is very good!

Also, this is very bad.

But this is very good! From Scott Walker’s fourteen studio album “Bish Bosch,” released in December 2012. Just in case you thought he was some sort of vintage ghost. He’s a real alive person making music right now. This still happens. Hallelujah.

Ok, can someone please make “Nico” cover Grimes? Thanks. I think it would be double-good and then, World Peace.