Echolocate to Survive in Claustrophobic, Terrifying Web Game

May 22, 2013 | Andy Cush

In You Must Escapesecond place winner in this year’s Ludlum Dare (the same video game-creation contest that gave us the similarly beautiful Evoland), you’re crawling through some minimal, darkened dungeon with only your ears to guide you. Your footsteps bounce off the walls, reflecting back at you and providing hints as to where the exit is in each stage. If you get especially lost, you can make a loud sound (snapping your fingers?) that’s better than footsteps for echolocation.

None of which is a problem until you start encountering monsters that “devour both sound and souls.” Appearing as nothing more than ominous red blotches, these enemies use your only asset–sound–against you, perking up and chasing you whenever you make a peep. Do yourself a favor and just try You Must Escape out–it’s transcendent, it’s terrifying, and I havent even gotten past level five yet.