Fashion Student’s BASED Lil B-Inspired Collection

May 23, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

After much frustration with her current schooling at Parson’s, senior fashion design student Isabel Simpson-Kirsh decided to “base” her entire senior collection on someone who had helped her get through her schooling with his message.

The popular bay area rapper Lil B aka Brandon McCartney has extensive catalog of releases includes a plethora of mixtapes, albums and videos, one that’s seemingly impossible keep up with. But it’s not the rapper’s massive catalog of releases that inspired the line but rather his overall message of constant self-expression, respect and happiness that led the student to create BASED.

The face of one of the internet’s most beloved rappers appears on nearly every single item, photoshopped onto the likeness of many gods and goddesses. Looks good.

(Images: TheFADER/Isabel Simpson-Kirsh)