Weed Fed Pigs Don’t Get High

May 23, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

Earlier this week, many were buzzing about Seattle-based butcher William von Schneidau’s pigs and their weed diet. Upon closer examination, it seems that this diet has little to no effect on the pigs.

The unfortunate pork-products-in-progress currently being fed mostly scraps such as leaves, stems, and root bulbs. This allows the farmer to charge upwards of $120 for a “Pot Pig Gig” — essentially, a roast of pig with a side of novelty, as its diet has been so kindly supplemented by a local medical marijuana co-op.

Contrary to popular belief, putting some weed to the feed, so to speak, will not get these pigs stoned — eating raw marijuana doesn’t give mammals a high.





(Image: Quickmeme/NPR)