Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures
Has Been 3D-Printed

May 28, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Just when you think everything that could be 3D-printed has been 3D-printed and every “Unknown Pleasures”-related artwork has been arted, here’s a 3D-printed “Unknown Pleasures”-related art work.

It’s perfect.

Michael Zoellner intricately adjusted the file specifications to get the model just right: “I even tried to visualize PSR B1919+21’s waveforms, but in the end I spent an evening tracing the waves by hand while watching ESC.” It is available for download as a printable STL at Thingiverse.


We asked our resident 3D printing expert Kyle Chayka about this new 3D-printing thing. “That’s cool,” he said. “I like that.”

You like that too, but before you put this on your Tumblr, better check yourself with Peter Saville explaining his Joy Division 1979 album cover. Band bros brought an him an old science book with the 1967 image of the first SR B1919+21 radio pulsar coming from a Black Hole near the constellation of Vulpecula. And that is why it’s perfect, cometh from the depths of cosmic abyss, right onto the cutting edge of technology.

Don’t be this guy.


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