Major Lazer Just Saved #Seapunk With a Bubble Butt

May 28, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Eric Wareheim of Tim and Eric directed Major Lazer’s latest video “Bubble Butt” which explains everything.

Check it out: #seapunk chicks. Watch ’em swaying to clinky Caribbean-esque “dope beats” until a Giant Bubble Butt Medusa Woman comes down Godzilla style, sprouts bike pumps out of her mouth and pumps their seapunk butts until they are of proper Bubble Butt proportions.

Then, dance party! With a myriad of wonderfully skilled beautiful women. And aerial silk bubble butt!

Anyway, great bringing #seapunk back into the mainstream, Major Lazor. Haven’t seen anything notable since Rihanna and Azealia Banks double-teamed the seapunk aesthetic of uncredited early net art hommages and Little Mermaid on acid Tumblr swag that one eventful weekend in November of 2012. That was so long ago.

Now back to this. Oh, it is a wonderful dance party.