Occupy Kremlin: Protest Camps in ’90s USSR

June 4, 2013 | Marina Galperina

As Soviet Union let out its dying breath, there were massive hoards of angry, hungry citizens pitching tents in Moscow, right at the Kremlin walls. In 1990, these protestors lived in makeshift cities for six months. They questioned their government as it rattled apart. Their signs called for justice, answers, logic… FOOD.

But doesn’t it sound familiar?

Long before the linguistic intonation of “Occupy” turned into a world-wide political meme, helping to aggregate various uprisings and demonstrations — One Hashtag, Under Internet — these people were occupying Kremlin, until the police cleared out the camps on December 29th, 1990.

There wouldn’t be another mass uprising like this until… Putin “won” the election again.

What do I know?  Go ask your parents, peer comrades. (Photos via Ilya Varlamov/Livejournal)