Frank Gehry Is Pimping Facebook’s New Crib, Upstairs From Huffington Post and AOL

June 5, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Mark Zuckerburg is moving into 770 Broadway. Facebook just signed a 10-year lease at the olde Astor Place spot — geographically located inside NYU’s armpit, squatting on top of a K-Mart.

Zuckerburg has recruited renowned architect Frank Gehry to do some re-do on the interior. Again. He’s already working on an expansion for Facebook California campus, whose mock-ups look like the classiest lost game of Jenga you ever did see, “complete with random pops of graffiti and retro arcade machines,” oh boy, how pffft. Is 770 getting retro graffiti machines? Perhaps a broken, graffitied hot tub too?

Look, maybe I’m just sore for my mates. I worked at AOL for a bit since before they absorbed Huffington Post and took up three floors of 770 Broadway — specifically, at AOL Music, seemingly a lifetime before they let go of their staff (which, by the way, was not re-hired during the Townsquare acquisition of several orphaned sites, as misreported by Techcrunch). Anyway, like I was saying. Pffft.

There’s this lady named Ariana who brings cookies sometimes. Make nice nice. Get the good cookies. Hang out in the kitchen. (There’s a secret na-a-a-ap room on Floor 5!) Look out the window and watch gigantic new glass atrocities sprout out of the block at sonic speed. Maybe discuss lucrative nine-figure exchanges of gigantic internet properties. Whatever. (Photo: Limitless Magazine, etc.)