Here’s a Baltimore Club Mix from Dungeonesse’s Jon Ehrens

June 5, 2013 | Andy Cush

Dungeonesse’s music owes an unabashed debt to the dance-pop of the 1990s–everything from C+C Music Factory to, like, Jennifer Paige shows up on the group’s self-titled debut, released last month. It’s hard to imagine any dancefloor-friendly act to come out of Baltimore without paying some kind of homage to that city’s ubiquitous club music, however, and though none of club’s DIY racket or signature breakbeats show up on the comparatively glossy record, the band’s Jon Ehrens did put together BMORE like DISCO, a DJ mix that mashes up club with the sleek, funky sounds of Italo disco. Listen below:

“Here in Baltimore, club music is pretty ubiquitous,” Ehrens told ANIMAL via email. “I stumbled upon combining a classic club jam “Ryde Dat Thang” with an Italo disco song, “Din Don” by EVO, about 2 years ago. I played it recently for a friend who wanted more so I made a bunch, most of them questionable, but I took the ones that worked and made this BMORE like DISCO mix.”