NSA Bangers Mixtape
From DJ Hennessy Youngman

June 10, 2013 | Marina Galperina

If you enjoyed DJ Hennessy Youngman’s CVS Bangers mixtape, here’s his newest compilation. In response to the shocking leaks, it’s highly topical, well-mixed and the Eric Edwards-esque DJ drops are hilarious.

“I always feel like
Somebody’s watching me…”


Ok, maybe not so hilarious. Because the NSA is watching you. So “clear your browsing history and delete those messages.”

Hennessy Youngman is also YouTube’s best art critic and the alter ego of amazing New York artist Jayson Musson. <3 (Hey, Jayson, look, we made a mixtape too…)

“Is that a drone?”

Someone once said that freedom isn’t free. It may have been Ronald Reagan, or a cowboy from a film whose title I’ve long forgotten, or maybe it was Reagan playing a cowboy in one of his numerous shitty movies. I don’t know. ANYWAY. Let’s get down to business:

NSA BANGERS is an audio landscape full of paranoia, espionage, epic snooping, unhealthy obsession, and the stress of being a contemporary type human being. Basically, NSA BANGERS is the soundtrack of Freedom! And Freedom is expensive y’all! Apparently, it like, costs your Freedom!

“Shout out to the Patriot Act!”

What are YOU doing Wednesday?