Rafaël Rozendaal Wants You
to Make Up Some Unique URLs

June 10, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

Artist Rafaël Rozendaal has just announced a new collaborative project as part of MOCA’s upcoming ART x YOU series. To participate, submit an original idea for a URL as a comment to this YouTube video:

Rozendaal will then select his favorite possible web address among the many submissions and use it as inspiration to create a new web-based piece. He recommends using this service to determine whether or not the domain name you’re proposing has already been registered. Much of the artist’s work is website-based, and though it may not be a true collaboration, details like a site’s URL can largely effect the final outcome of a Rozendaal piece.

He is the first person to ever sell a website as an artwork. He knows what he’s doing.

(Image: Rafaël Rozendaal)