Anatomically Bizarre, Fleshy Porcelain Sculptures

June 11, 2013 | Julia Dawidowicz

We tend to associate porcelain with delicate dolls and our great aunt’s precious wedding china set that never leaves the cabinet, but artist Jason Briggs debauches the stereotype with his grotesque, vaguely pornographic porcelain sculptures created in his rural Tennessee studio.

With their tufts of coarse hair, gnarled fat rolls and strange orifices a plenty, these porcelain flesh blobs pose atop dainty, feminine cushions.

According to Briggs, his sculptures are meant to provoke “a profound desire to push, poke, squeeze, stroke, caress, and pinch. Obvious sexual references, along with an extravagant, fetish-like attention to surface, can arouse a yearning to touch as powerful as the act itself.” Sweet.