Braingasm: The ASMR Documentary, Tshh Tshh Tshhhh

June 11, 2013 | Marina Galperina

I had my first braingasm a year ago, sitting on the floor of a living room crowded with art tech kids I was trying to impress, giggling and purring uncontrollably, cross-legged in front of a smiling girl I just met. We were drawing on each other’s outstretched arms. Slowly. Deliberately. Softly. Ahhhh.

Whether you’re an ASMR virgin, a casual ASMR’er like me or a constant crawler of the ASMR Reddit board, here’s a doc that looks interesting. And sounds AMAZING. AHHHH.

It’s not dirty.

See, some people are alleged to enjoy an Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, “a pleasurable tingling sensation” that starts in the back of their skull and gently ricochets through their entire body, brrr. It set off by a specific form of sound — a dry paint brush stroke, a whisper, subtle clanking of candy, little pebbles, paper cuts — or by watching someone doing slow, deliberate, soft work — like drawing horses on some giddy semi-drunk’s outstretched arm. It’s like slowly, deliberately, softly masturbating your brain.

But it’s not dirty.

Anyway, someone finally made a documentary: BRAINGASM.