Here’s a Privacy Accessory for Your Phone: OFF Pocket Blocks Signals

June 11, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

Just in time for the rising concerns sparked by the NSA leak, here’s OFF Pocket — “a privacy accessory that zeros your phone’s signal, blocking all incoming and outgoing wireless communication.”

Designed by Adam Harvey, the privacy conscious entrepreneur that brought us the “drone-proof” hoodies and scarves of Stealth Wear — as well as the very simple idea of anti-facial recognition makeup. Expanding upon these ideas, Harvey hopes these privacy concerns into the pockets of anyone who really wants to “unplug.”

The OFF Pocket™ uses the principle of a faraday cage to block all radio signals from entering and exiting the case. Your phone contains an antennae that communicates with cell towers and GPS systems. Both of these signals, radio waves in the 2.4GHz spectrum, are blocked by the metallized fabric in the case.

More info here.

(Images: OFF Pocket)