Bob Dylan Painted This Nude Portrait in Central Park Yesterday With Richard Prince

June 13, 2013 | Marina Galperina

UPDATE: The plot thickens. 

Artist and copyright subverter Richard Prince is a big fan of David Bowman’s futuristic, “hard-boiled comedy” Bunny Modern. He tweets about it a lot. He’s also a fan of deleting his tweets. Good thing we’re all over it. Recently, Prince has been teasing his followers about being up to “something” in Central Park. Yesterday, he was up to this: Hanging out with the girls from Topless Pulp, reading Bunny Modern topless. (See NSFW gallery ↑‎) We reached out for clarification — “What the hell are we looking at?” — and were provided with the following info by, let’s say, a source:

 Tits, I think. And emended first editions, and paperbacks of Bowman’s BUNNY MODERN. Bob Dylan was painting on an easel in the background. Bob has wild hair and good shades. He paints nudes with the authority you’d expect of a man who’d been fucked by Patti Smith. Fabiola had told Bob that his motivation was “Basel.” Bob laughed and said he didn’t have that kind of money, but he could do Montreux.

The source also sent us the aforementioned and rather tasteful nude portrait: Only a wisp of nipple is seen. Author’s note: While I would personally trust this source in a variety of delicate and dangerous situations, the Bob Dylan’s Paintings Were Painted by Richard Prince conspiracy weighs heavily upon my heart. Dylan is Prince is Dylan is Prince is Dylan and we’re on some Fight Club shit? Tread lightly, my friends.

(Photos: Fulton Ryder, Richard Prince)