We Made Menacing New Logos for GooseWatch NYC

June 13, 2013 | Nate Cepis

Every good organization deserves a good logo, so after ANIMAL profiled GooseWatch NYC earlier this week, we decided to do a little pro-bono, unsolicited design work for the volunteer group.

In an attempt to curtail incidents of birds interfering with airplane flight, the City of New York and the USDA began slaughtering geese in NYC’s parks in 2009, after the famous “Miracle on the Hudson” emergency plane landing. Two years later, GooseWatch was founded to patrol parks where geese have been collected in the past, and, should they come across a roundup in progress, to document the proceedings.

GooseWatch NYC does great, necessary work, but they could use some tougher branding. We mocked up a few prospective new logos and t-shirts befitting the organization’s noble mission, incorporating imagery that’s relevant to the cause: a gasmask to protect the birds from the poisonous gas that’s used to kill them, satellite signals for transmitting recordings of animals being treated inhumanely, and a sword to defend innocent geese.

What do you think? Perhaps a Teespring campaign is in order.