Twitter Now Lets You See Exactly How Little Everyone Cares About You

June 13, 2013 | Andy Cush

Fucking christ, am I unpopular. There once was a time when I could send a tweet into the stratosphere with crossed fingers and a dream, convincing myself I was providing my followers with valuable with and insight, and if I included a link, that at least a handful of my few hundred followers would click on it.

Not anymore. In an apparent bid to draw more users into advertising on Twitter (and monetize people like you and I), the social networking service has open up its analytics platform to every user. To try it out, click here, bypass all the prompts to get involved in the advertising program, and click the Analytics tab on the top bar. From there, you can get to Timeline Activity–that’s the page above that’s telling me that no one ever clicks on my tweets–and Followers, which apparently gives you demographic data about the people who follow you, though that part isn’t working for me at the moment.

Gird your ego and try it out if you dare. There’s no going back.