What’s He Building in There? Watch Boogie Make Demonic Wet Plate Collodion Prints

June 13, 2013 | Marina Galperina

We love Boogie. The Belgrade-born, Brooklyn-based photographer’s black-and-white photos and true grit and access has fascinated us for years. Then, he went color. Now he’s on that wet plate collodion on black plexiglass. Boogie’s ongoing DEMONS portraiture series is eerie and expressive, but it’s also a poised departure from his photojournalist style — Just click the tabs on his website: NYC, Blegrade, Skinheads, Drugs… or ask him  how to take pictures of gang members without getting shot. It’s still very Boogie.

Now watch charismatic Serbian fiddle with a gigantic camera and mix chemicals in this well-made making of DEMONS video. ♪ Tom Fucking Waits ♪