Finally, You Can Turn Yourself Into An Emoji

June 14, 2013 | Andy Cush

Chances are, you use Emojis at least as often as actual speech when you want to communicate something human and true to the people you hold closest. So why not just get on with it and become one? The Singumojilarity is upon us, people, and it’s happening right here.

Seriously, though, Wemoji is a fun little web game created by Aaron Meyers that asks you to do your best impression of one of those adorable little icons (now available in Kanye West editions), then upload a picture with your webcam. As more photos are uploaded, more Emojis are unlocked for everyone to imitate. So, for the good of your fellow man, go make your  best one-eye-closed, tongue-gleefully-sticking-out face.