ANIMAL Barges Into Go Skateboarding Day

June 25, 2013 | Bucky Turco

Due to the sheer amount of skaters tearing up the streets at any given time, every day seems like Go Skateboarding Day in New York City, but it officially happens–worldwide–on June 21 and has becomes an annual event since 2003. It was even given Congressional approval. For this year’s GSD, things got turned up a notch by way of a barge that Nike converted into a skatepark. They happend to park the giant floating apparatus a block away from our Hell’s Kitchen offices and so we enlisted our go-to skater correspondent Monihan Monihan–who Thrasher magazine reportedly voted “the most hated skateboarder of all time” to conduct some interviews.

Disclosure: ANIMAL was given the opportunity to shoot some footage for Nike leading up to and throughout the their Go Skateboarding Day events. This interview was not included in that deal.

(Video: Nate Cepis/ANIMALNewYork)