“Casual and Pop” Vagina Art

June 27, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

A young Japanese artist by the name of Rokudenashiko – a pseudonym that roughly translates to “good-for-nothing kid” — is interested in the stigma that some people continually associate with vaginas.


After undergoing a procedure that is often casually referred to as “vaginal rejuvenation,” the artist became increasingly curious about the relationship between herself and her body as well as the seemingly inescapable taboo of nudity. In an attempt to explore this fascination the artist chose to begin a series she likes to call Deco-Man which apparently translates quite easily from English to Japanese as “decorated vagina.”

Many of these diorama style pieces are centered around silicone casts incorporating the artist’s vagina directly into the works themselves. While all this work can easily be seen for its novelty appeal, the artist states her case quite clearly that it’s an attempt  to make the “pussy more casual and pop.”

By the way, there’s an entire book full of these.

(Images: 6d745)