NYU Offering 3D Printing Course to the Public

July 9, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

Starting this summer, New York University will be hosting its very own intensive 3D printing class. Throughout the length of the course participants will learn the fundamentals of this emerging technology in addition to the capabilities of different types of printers and material properties.

Turning creative ideas and designs into realistic models has been made possible by the explosion of 3D printing technology. Industries such as architecture, fine art sculpture, dentistry, medical device design, education, and product design are enhanced by visualization techniques—as are toys, collectibles, jewelry, and other consumer products. Design projects, create objects using 3D software, and learn how to optimize cost-effective printing. Discuss copyright and distribution, and create an optimized 3D model ready for optional 3D printing at the NYU Advanced Media Studio.

This all sounds like quite the learning opportunity, just as long as you’re willing to pay the hefty tuition price of  $3,155. Get ready to 3D print your own guns (maybe) and get a head start in the 3d printing industry’s coming turf war.

You can read more about the course over at NYU’s Center for Advanced Digital Applications website(Image: Hack A Day)