Spike Lee’s Oldboy Trailer Is Here, Ohh, Ew, Ah!!!

July 11, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Spike Lee has been setting himself up remaking Park Chan-wook’s Oldboy from The Vengeance Trilogy. And now, the trailer is here so we can all JUDGE HIM. NSFW!

LET’S JUDGE HIM. Yeah, Josh Brolin looks like he spent 20 years imprisoned in a room without any explanation and even displays flourishes of Min-sik Choi’s dark comedic awkwardness as he scuttles wildly about… until he jams the broken glass into his wrist and it’s like Kafka made an exploitation film (hopefully.) The trailer is Red Band, by the way: butt shots and naked thrusting and BLOODY BLOOD. There’s already plasticine sleekness to it but I need to shut up about that because cameras are different now than they were in 2003. I like how they put 9/11, Obama and Katrina on the TV so we know time passed in — ta-da! –– America. Oh hi, Elizabeth Olsen and Samuel L. Jackson. Oh, there’s that scene with Dae-su taking out an army of henchmen down a hallway. This is going to be so fucked. Opens October 25.