Internal Affairs Investigating Cops Who Posed With Topless Woman

July 17, 2013 | Andy Cush

For all the haters who say the Internal Affairs Bureau doesn’t do enough to investigate and stamp out corruption in the NYPD, get this: according to a police source contacted by the Daily Newsthe bureau is coming down hard on two officers involved in one of the most pressing, flagrant issues facing the department today: a perfectly legal picture taken with a perfectly legal topless lady.

In case you missed it, the photo, featuring two officers and model Cheyenne Lutek, made the rounds earlier this week after images of Lutek dining topless at an East Village restaurant went viral. Here it is uncensored:

So there you have it: New Yorkers can rest easy knowing Internal Affairs Bureau is protecting them from racial profiling, abuse of power, and unnecessary stop-and-frisks seeing boobs and cops in the same picture.