Breaking News From Russia: This Pigeon Is Wearing a Hat!

August 5, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Here’s a news clip from Russia, specifically Petrozavodsk, where a pigeon has been spotted wearing a tiny plastic hat.

Ok, I translate for you:

Acting anonymously, someone put a plastic hat on a pigeon, allege some users of the world wide web. Animal rights activists have already condemned this as torture and humiliation, because if the hat does not fall off by itself, this bird could die. Attempts by citizens to free the bird from this head accessory have proven unsuccessful.

To remind you, this is not the first time such incident occurred. Last year, a city pigeon was spotted wearing a plastic replica of an auto-inspector’s hat.

Dangerous Minds Blog is very amused. I suspect political motives! The Russian police better call in their best pigeon expert and see what gender it is. If it’s male, then by wearing a pink hat and transgressing against traditional gender norms, the pigeon may be propagating non-traditional sexual orientations, which is illegal in Russia and punishable by arrest, fine, jail time and the customary street mob beating. ARREST THAT PIGEON!